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red compact car head full ceramic coating Pristine Detailing Studio Rome NY

Mobile Detailing at Pristine Detailing Studio in Rome, NY

When you choose mobile detailing, a professional detailer will come to your home or place of work and completely detail your vehicle, from top to bottom. Pristine Detailing Studio can preserve both the inside and outside of your car thanks to the high-quality services we provide to our customers. We’ve built a strong reputation among vehicle owners in Rome, NY thanks to the cutting edge services our team provides.

Mobile Detailing: What is it?

Mobile detailing is a convenient service that involves a fully trained detailing professional coming to your home or place of work to do a complete detailing job on your vehicle. Mobile detailing refers to meticulously washing, repairing, and finishing a car to generate a high level of cleanliness and shine.

Improves performance

When you have your car detailed, you can expect the engine to be cleaned and the outside to be polished. Clearing out the engine compartment of dirt and dust helps improve your vehicle’s performance. One significant advantage of mobile detailing that regular vehicle washes don’t provide is engine cleaning.

Saves both time and money

Car owners who take advantage of the convenience offered by detailers who come to their location, may avoid the hassle of waiting in line at crowded car washes. Mobile detailing is more cost-effective than traditional detailing since it does not require a huge location or lots of employees. You will get first-rate service, at a very reasonable price.

Getting advice from a reliable expert.

If you leave your automobile with us, you can be confident that qualified hands will care for it. Our mobile detailing team has decades of combined experience to get the job done to the highest possible standards.



What distinguishes mobile detailing from your local vehicle wash?

When you go to the local car wash, you leave water spots and swirl marks behind thanks to the harsh brushes and improper shampoos used in such facilities. Another distinguishing factor is that our team will come to you, so that you can spend more time relaxing with the family or getting on with work! You’ll get a fully customized car detailing service on your doorstep, without having to leave the house!

Should I stay for the duration of the whole process, or can I leave and let the team get on with it?

You have total control over the situation. When showing and presenting instances of defects or issues with our customers’ automobiles in person, it is typically in our customers’ best interests to be there throughout the detailing process.

Do I need to provide any special detailing tools?

When we travel to our customers, our team will bring everything necessary to thoroughly service your automobile, inside and out, wherever we go. This comprises an extension chord set, a water tank, a pump, a pressure washer, and a generator. Because of this, we can maintain your car anywhere there is sufficient space.


Pristine Detailing Studio is located at 7094 Taft Avenue in Rome, New York 13440, and we provide a comprehensive selection of services related to the upkeep of automobiles. Your vehicle’s exterior, as well as its interior, will be refreshed as a result of our vehicle treatments. We only use the highest quality equipment and procedures to keep your car looking as good as new! Your whole vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned by our trained professionals, who have years of experience in paint correctionceramic coating and car maintenance. You won’t believe the outstanding results our team of specialists will accomplish for you! You may book your consultation by giving us a call at 315-534-5110. Our mobile detailing professionals can come to your home or place of work to do the job, accommodating your busy schedule.”